Sabor, the son of Sekhmet

Sabor (Moses) is the demi-god son of Sekhmet, the Egyptian Goddess of War, in TDGW, played by hillbillyrox1122. Sabor is a selfish, somewhat malignant character whose goal is to prevent his own entry into the war by drafting other demi-gods, sometimes by force, sometimes by underhanded means. He has an ongoing rivalry with Tulio, the son of Poseidon

Family & PowersEdit

Sabor's relation to Sekhmet granted him an alternate form; he transforms into a leopard at will.


Sabor is the prize child of Sekhmet, because his lineage is a special one: he is the son of the Pharaoh of Egypt. Thus, being prince and demi-god, Sabor is the immediate family favorite, and everyone knows it - especially Sabor. He is in no hesitation to take advantage of this power; thus, his personality can be described as follows:






He is the complete opposite of his sister Esmeralda, who endured a life of hardship and thus takes her duties to the most passionate degree. He ignores his sister for the most part, shoving her off whenever they meet and she has something to say (which is usually a complaint about his irresponsibility).


Sabor's fun ends.

A life of frivolity, sex and carelessness is one Sabor can no longer lead. Or can he?

Sekhmet, being the Goddess of War, had the immediate task of recruiting her son into the war. But Sabor, a clever antagonist, offered his mother an alternative: in exchange for staying out of the battle field, he would "recruit" other demi-gods for his mother. Honorable of a son, no?

Sabor's getting out of the war was the easy part. Now, he must fulfill his task. In order to do this, he needs bodies; and not only are a majority of the demi-gods unenthused about fighting in the war, they are completely against drafting. So to ensure he arrives at headquarters with atleast 20 "recruits" per week, Sabor must use means of force. His hired "Thieves of the Night", paid soldiers that steal demi-gods in their sleep and ship them off to battle grounds, are well-equipt to handle protests; after all, there is always greater efficiency where there are knives held to throats.

Sabor will do anything and everything to ensure his mother is content; even if it means deceit.

Sabor & Tulio: Friendship Turned AwryEdit


Friends for life...not.

Sabor's best friend, whom he thought would be forever in this immortal eternity, was Tulio. As they both were reckless, free-spirited youths with a knack for trouble, Tulio rebelling from a cruel father and Sabor a prince looking for the wild side of life, they were drawn to each other instantly one day and became inseparable. But upon the day that war came, Sabor's duty to Sekhmet made him do something he would regret forever: he had to turn in Tulio to the draft. There was a miscommunication, and as Sabor never got to apologize, Tulio was furious and wished to never speak to him again. They both were heartbroken from this mishap.

Tulio always seems to run into Sabor

Tulio later escaped to freedom, and as Sabor's newly-declared "enemy", he swore to get revenge. Sabor had no reason to do the same, but his pride got the better of him and he decided to challenge Tulio. This led to their bitter rivalry, ongoing today so long as the war lasts and they both remain adamant, firey characters. The two now purposely follow each other's tracks, seeking to bother the other and/or trap each other in this little game they play; if either of them ever truly got hurt, however, the other could not bear it - for they still love each other as friends, though neither wants to admit it unless things turn drastic.


Sabor's newfound interest, in a more sexual than romatic way, is the demi-god Omar, who he let free of the draft when Omar agreed to "pay" him. Payment, when confronted with a demi-god as attractive as Omar, simply means a good time - and plenty of sex.

Now, they travel together, Omar tagging behind as he watches Sabor make his wicked deals and continue to draft innocents. Omar says little, for he is much like Sabor in a way, and rather likes the youth he's tagging alongside. There is no hesitation to say that Sabor feels the same toward Omar.